Vinya Cameron

is a freelance artist with German-American roots. Born in Germany in 1966, long periods of living and working in Italy and France shaped the painter’s creative development. Vinya Cameron is known for her experimental painting and her constant exploration of new techniques. Her versatile oeuvre reflects the painter’s inexhaustible joy of experimentation.

The figurative paintings of her early creative period bear witness to the influence of the artistic teachings of the great Italian and French masters. Cameron studied as a free student at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome and later at the Académie Charpentier in Paris. Her feeling for painterly precision, for the delicacy and intensity of depicted scenes, is particularly noticeable in her early oil paintings.

In her later creative period, the artist became increasingly interested in abstract works. She devoted herself increasingly to natural materials. Using wood, marble, champagne chalk and paper, Vinya Cameron creates abstract and detailed works, concentrating on people, surfaces, details of objects, nature and matter. Cameron’s pictorial worlds are not created according to a plan – the artist lets them emerge from the moment.

Vinya Cameron does not allow herself to be forced into any artistic genre. Open, curious and inquisitive, she plays with aesthetics, provocation and artistic experimentation. However, Cameron’s oeuvre is always characterized by harmonious compositions and a unique depth of colour, for which the artist is also known as the “Master of Colours”.

Vinya Cameron’s work is a reflection of her experiences. It bears witness to an intensive examination of what she has experienced. The artist draws her inspiration from dreams and many journeys, the impressions of which she preserves for eternity in a gigantic color palette. “For me, art begins in the mind. I often dream about materials and shapes and try to realize them in my work. I capture my dreams and apply them to the material,” says the artist, explaining one of her approaches.

Cameron’s artistic role models include the Russian-American painter Mark Rothko, whose large-format paintings with layered areas of color are the foundation of Cameron’s passion for abstract expressionism. Her love of color, on the other hand, is inspired by the works of American painter Ashley Longshore. Her pop art works represent the world as the artist sees it and make colorful statements.

Vinya Cameron’s creative work was also shaped by her family background: growing up in the Caribbean, her father, an American cartoonist, instilled in her a passion and talent for art. Her father introduced his daughter to artistic creation processes at an early age.

Cameron has already exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Berlin and Cologne, among other places. In 2015, she founded the co/Atelier in Cologne-Nippes together with Ralf Kosmo and later moved into another studio, which she shared with DonPaco, an artist from the Cologne scene. In 2021, Vinya returned to the co/Atelier and her studio in Cologne KK36. Here she continues to devote herself to the experimental side of art.

Vinya Cameron
Riehler Str, 36
Atelier n°8

Tel: +43 177/6661309